Moving Teeth with Technology

New Options Make Braces More Appealing
During the last decade, the specialty of orthodontics has quietly undergone a technological revolution. New materials and techniques have been developed that can make braces less noticeable, improve patient comfort, reduce treatment time and help control costs. Here are a few areas in which new orthodontic technology is helping Cohen Orthodontics create healthier smiles for people of all ages.  

Colorful braces make a fashion statement: 

For orthodontic patients who choose to make fashion statements with their mouths, colors are really heating up. From soft pastels that coordinate with a wardrobe to bright hues for celebrating holidays or expressing school spirit... colors have gone over very big with countless patients. For a sports fanatic it's a unique way to express team loyalty. Colorful braces contribute to treatment success by creating more enthusiastic patients who are more cooperative, and happy cooperative patients are a key element to successful orthodontic treatment.  
Colorful Braces

Retainers can be fun, too: 

Retainers are not just pink nowadays; they are another colorful means of personal expression. You can select a retainer with the colors of the rainbow. Some glow in the dark, some are personalized with a photo, or even the logo of a favorite sports team. Choices are limited only by the imagination.  

Space-Age Wires: 

The American Association of Orthodontists notes that more people than ever are wearing braces. Colorful braces and retainers, of course, are only part of the reason for this trend. Patients are finding that today's high-tech materials are more comfortable. The sophisticated engineering of NiTi [nickel-titanium] wires, developed through the NASA Space Program and activated by body heat, makes orthodontic treatment more comfortable with shorter treatment times for the patient.  

Less Tin in a Grin: 

One of the most important aesthetic advancements in orthodontics is the practice of bonding braces directly on the patient's teeth. In fact, Cohen Orthodontics uses tiny micro-mini braces that are much less noticeable than bands or even most other braces. Not only do they look terrific, but they are easier to clean, and work with lighter forces, for even more comfort.  

Some patients want braces that are nearly invisible. Less visible, clear braces are rapidly gaining in popularity. These braces can boost the patient's self-esteem and help eliminate the self-consciousness that may be associated with wearing metal braces. For those patients who want complete "obscurity", clear removable Invisible Aligners may be an option, although they are not applicable to all orthodontic problems.  
Clear Braces

Help From Computers & Magnets: 

Computer technology is one of the exciting advances now associated with orthodontics. This and other high-tech resources can assist Cohen Orthodontics in forming a diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient. Digital radiology and VTO/(visual treatment objective) allow patients to view possible changes through video imaging. In addition, tiny magnets, measuring about 3x4mm, are another weapon in the war on crooked teeth. Opposing magnetic forces are used to help move teeth.  

In today's health-conscious society, where physical appearance is important, aesthetic advancements in braces will continue to popularize orthodontics. The ongoing development of new materials and technology is expected to enhance a patient's experience today, as well as in the future.  

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